Raising Capital/Private Equity

Case Study

A business owned by six senior management, with the two largest shareholders controlling 70% of the business, wished to retire and sell their interest in the business. Given the significant value of the two controlling shareholders stake in the business it was not possible for the remaining shareholders to fund the buyout. We were able to engineer a transaction whereby the four smaller shareholders increased their stake in the business to 50% while simultaneously bringing in an equity investor to acquire the remaining stake held by the controlling shareholders.

Capital Raisings / Private Equity

• General freight transport business for $50 million
• Manufacturer of three plastic water tanks for $30 million
• Manufacturer of quilts and pillows for $16 million
• Training business for $15 million
• Equipment hire business for $10 million
• Manufacturer and wholesaler of fasteners for $8 million
• Consulting services to developing countries for $7 million
• Electrical contracting business for $6 million
• Manufacture of communication equipment for $5 million