Raising Capital/Private Equity

We understand the challenges that many businesses face in being able to fund the growth of their business. These issues include how do you fund, the organic growth of a business, the need to acquire equipment, the acquisition of a business or the buyout of a business partner. Where do you turn when you have exhausted your internal cash flows and existing debt providers? Milestone Capital Advisors has the answers to these and other questions.

Milestone Capital Advisors have been able to assist numerous businesses to raise capital as a result of the wide range of relationships we have with private equity investors and family offices. We can help you to:

  • Establish what the business is worth
  • Prepare a three way forecast financial model to demonstrate the financial returns which are available to an equity investor
  • Prepare the marketing material for raising equity which normally involves drafting an Information Memorandum and setting out the key details of the investment opportunity
  • Introduce investors who are likely to be interested in investing in the business
  • Analyse offers received for the provision of equity funds
  • Compile the information required for due diligence and project managing the due diligence process
  • Structure and negotiate the key transaction terms including term sheets, business investment agreements and shareholders agreements
  • Finalise the capital raising and investment in the business