If you are involved in a merger & acquisition transaction, one of the most contentious and often difficult issues to overcome is getting the two parties to agree on what is a fair price for the business. Naturally a seller of a business normally wants to receive the highest price possible for their business, whereas a buyer is often trying to acquire a business for the lowest possible price. In order to overcome these obstacles, it’s important to have a robust approach and methodology to value a business.

Milestone Capital Advisors is able to assist in valuing businesses by:

          • Analysing historical and forecast financial statements
          • Determining whether there should be adjustments made to figures for non-arm’s length transactions or non-recurring events that have distorted the
          • Identifying the key risks and opportunities for the business
          • Highlighting the key factors which drive the value of the business. This can be important for determining when is the right time to pursue a merger &
            acquisition transaction